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Hof Seeverns

Allow your futurity prospect a perfect career start!

The Hof Seeverns offers year-round boarding for young horses in the heart of the green peninsula Butjadingen.

Perfect raising conditions, combined with a professional farm management and careful handling, will let your youngsters grow up healthy. The spacious and nutritious marshland pastures with alternate use of cattle grazing provide the perfect conditions for raising young horses.

Individual, balanced feed rations, based on a feed analysis, combined with daily movement to strengthen bones and muscles, guarantee a start into a healthy and successful career.

It goes without saying that our protégés will be thoroughly checked every day. The young horses can conquer the marshland pastures with their companions until late autumn after which they move into a well-ventilated run-in stable for the winter months. In combination with spacious turn-out areas, the newly erected run-in stable will meet the requirements of adolescent horses for daily movement.

Mare Management

Alongside with their own well-established breed with carefully chosen mares, the farm places high priority on successfully breeding guest mares. Well-adapted, individual feed rations, combined with a lot of light from the open run-in stable and outdoor stalls let the mare come into season with obvious symptoms which she also reveals with the teasing stallion.

Due to the close co-operation with our specialist vet and the farm’s own wealth of experience with insemination, the Hof Seeverns promises a high fertility rate for which the farm is known for.

Due to the dispatch of fresh semen from almost all breeding areas, the breeder has lots of possibilities to choose a stallion for his mare. A spontaneously assisting team will also be there to guarantee to pick up the semen from the closer surrounding.

A reliable and secure foaling of the mare is guaranteed with a special chip sewn into the mare’s vulva before the birth. A healthy start with an experienced team of experts and horse-appropriate raising conditions will let the youngster grow up in herds and mature into a willingly working competition horse.