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The Farm - Hof Seeverns

The Butjadingen peninsula - situated directly on Lower Saxony's tidal shallows - with its fresh marshland pastures and its proximity to the sea, provides the perfect climatic conditions for raising and keeping horses.

At the beginning of the 70ies, Hans Bahr laid the foundation for the “Hof Seeverns”, the breeding and training centre as it is known today, in the green landscape of this gorgeous peninsula.

The active involvement in the auction business of farm founder Hans Bahr reaches back to the era of Hans Joachim Köhler. He was a rider in the Verden auction team in the 60ies under Köhler’s direction, and at the end of the 70ies, he changed his focus to the other side of the riding arena.

Hans Bahr had been selling 19 auction foals since 1979, and he presented more than 75 auction horses in total. For more than 30 years, horses from Butjadingen have been put up for auction in Verden to be successfully sold to Germany and abroad. Based on this successful balance, Hans Bahr was honoured with the “Hans-Joachim-Köhler-Prize” in 1993, an award given to the most successful auction exhibitor of the last 10 years.

His expert knowledge and the ability to assess and to advance a horse's potential at foal's age has been passed on to his daughter Maike Harbers-Bahr, who has successfully continued the horse-breeding and training business since 2002.

 "Hof Seeverns" – Horses from Butjadingen

Today's 400 hectare of grass- and farmland is located in the heart of the Butjadingen-peninsula. Besides dairy farming with 350 cows, it is the horse breeding and boarding business that has priority today.
The farm with its open stable and the marshland pastures offers perfect raising conditions for approx. 120 horses.